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Why Seal Your Building Stairwells?

In a Building Fire, danger comes not only from the fire, but from smoke and toxic fumes. The building stairwells are the way out. Air inside this space must remain safe to breath through an emergency evacuation. Stairwell doors will be open until everyone is out, making it diffucult to prevent smoke from entering.


Stack Effect.

It occurs naturally and it's always there. It's stronger in cold weather. During a building fire, uncontrolled stack effect will draw smoke into the stairwell. To learn more about stack effect and how STAIRWELL SEALING technology can help to counteract it, click here.


Stairwell Pressurization.

Maintaing a level of increased air pressure in building stairwells is a fire safety requirement in most states and cities. If a fire occurs, the higher pressure of the stairwell air will prevent smoke, toxic vapors and fire from entering while people are trying to evacuate. To learn more about how STAIRWELL SEALING can help to improve and maintain needed levels of stairwell pressurization, click here.



Air leaking through unsealed openings in building stairwells means that the stairwell pressurizing system must work harder to overcome stack effect – much like trying to keep a leaking ballon inflated. Leaks are safety risks ... and energy robbers.


Let STAIRWELL SEALING help you. Call us for a stairwell infrastructure evaluation that will find those unsafe and costly perimeter openings in your building stairwells. We'll show you how to improve fire safety, while lowering your energy costs.


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